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Industrial waste collection and transportation

What is industrial waste?

Industrial waste is the waste that is generated through business activities during production processes at construction sites or factory buildings.

Under the Waste Management Law, types of waste have been specified.

General waste is called non-industrial waste.

In addition, explosive and toxic industrial waste and general waste usually contains substances that are harmful to the health and the living conditions of people. These include infectious waste such as industrial waste and general waste that require special management.

As an operator to discharge industrial waste under special managements, we are obliged to set up an industrial waste management officer for special management.
At Taiga, the collection and transportation of these industrial waste is carried out under a safe and reliable procedures.

Types of industrial wastes

Types Contents
Waste plastics
(As long as waste tires, with the exception of asbestos-containing industrial waste)
Waste polyurethane, polystyrene waste (including Styrofoam), waste baked land (printed circuit boards, etc.), waste synthetic leather, waste synthetic building materials, synthetic fiber scraps, waste poly containers, waste tires, lining waste, waste polymer, synthetic rubber scraps

Vehicles for collection and transportation owned by our company

Body shape Maximum loading capacity Number of trucks
25t large trailer dump 2
Marine container trailer 7
10t aluminum van truck 2
4t aluminum van truck 2

Industrial waste Allow List

Allow type Permission number
Collection and transportation business permit for industrial waste, Niigata Prefecture No. 01504178752

Other Allow List

Allow type Permission number
Curio dealer permission Niigata prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 461260001230

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